Paintings by the Russian-Ukrainian-American artist, Nadia Werbitzky

With passages from the book Two Regimes – A Mother’s Memoir of Wartime Survival by Teodora Verbitskaya
On this page you’ll find a sample of Nadia’s restored paintings. You can click on an image to view it at a larger size and see the Two Regimes passage associated with it. There will also be an option to purchase a glossy print or canvas print of that painting. You may also visit the Artist page to learn more about Nadia and her paintings.
Behind Barbed Wire painting
Behind Barbed Wire
The Road and The Lone Figure painting
The Road and The Lone Figure
Revolution painting
Autumn in Germany painting
Autumn in Germany
Madonna and Child painting
Madonna and Child
Flowers painting
Two Women painting
Two Women
City of Kitezh painting
City of Kitezh
The Road painting
The Road
Eternal Motherhood painting
Eternal Motherhood
Grandmother with Nadia and Lucy painting
Grandmother with Nadia and Lucy
Woman Listening With Child painting
Woman Listening With Child
Wanderers painting
Lonely Woman painting
Lonely Woman
Fearful painting
Run Home Little Girl (Self Portrait) painting
Run Home Little Girl (Self Portrait)
Tormented painting
Spring painting
Accordion Man painting
Accordion Man
Hell's Threshold painting
Hell’s Threshold
The Bridge painting
The Bridge
Russian Women With Candles
Russian Women With Candles
Rusia (Woman with Flute) painting
Rusia (Woman with Flute)