Student Comments

“It was an interesting exhibit because instead of just words, there were paintings that expressed more emotion. We were able to see the looks on people’s faces, and their bruised bodies as a result of the oppression. It made the feelings more real and human.”

“It made me really emotional and sympathetic to the victims. I couldn’t imagine if that were me and my family or town going through that.”

“The artwork made me feel privileged. Knowing how terrified they were and how they struggled will make anyone value what they have now.”

“The story of the women who taught the village children for free really touched me. I can’t imagine the difficult times her and her husband faced in such a dark period of history, and for her to teach for no pay is a true example of the compassion and selfless generosity so long sought after in humanity. They were content, without money. Content solely from the virtue of their deeds.”

“I would like to sincerely thank you for bringing those amazingly beautiful paintings to our school. It was a new experience to see paintings in person, especially paintings that tell such a profound and heartbreaking story. So thank you for opening me up to something I had never experienced before.”