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Two Regimes Film Demo:

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Film Title: Two Regimes – Two Genocides”
Directed by: Douglas Darlington of Winding Road Films
Log Line: A mother, Teodora, tells her story of life under Stalin and Hitler in Soviet Ukraine as she and her daughters witness the two genocides: that of the Holodomor (man-made Famine 1932-33 under Stalin) and the Holocaust (1933-1945 under Hitler) in a Reader’s Theater enhanced style format.
Launched: November 28, 2021
Cost: FREE  to all Educational Institutions. Register for the film by going to or by using the button below.
Duration: 33 minutes
-9 selections of music CREATED in the Nazi labor and concentration camps between 1933-1953, music provided by Maestro Francesco Lotoro of Italy.
-24 paintings by Nadia Werbitzky, professional artist and daughter of the author, Teodora Verbitskaya.
-100 historical photographs and more.

This Two Regimes film is about the Holodomor and the Holocaust in Ukraine.

Two Regimes is a story of the will and survival of everyday people faced with the realities of imposed starvation, internment, devastation, and War.

The embodiment of the story of Two Regimes is synonymous with the history that profoundly affects the lives of Teodora Verbitskaya the author and her family.

Although the history of the two regimes of Stalin and Hitler is complex, the details of the memoir of Verbitskaya’s Two Regimes and the imagery of the paintings of her daughter Nadia Werbitzky, who experienced life with her at this time, provides us with an insight into this time-period like none else.

Thanks to the vision and the perseverance of documentary film director Douglas Darlington, of Winding Road Films, a remarkable, informative, and one-of-a-kind melding of the history of this era and the story of the witness and survival of Teodora’s family under the tyranny of Stalin and Hitler has come together in a 33-minute-long didactic film that educators can appreciate and utilize in their classrooms and students can comprehend.